Andreas Cahling, Apollo Lifestyle Consultants Client

Andreas Cahling has made his mark on the professional bodybuilding competition scene and continues to provide a voice of experience to the health and fitness industry. Born and raised in Sweden, Andreas started weight training at age 11 to augment his performance in Greco Roman wrestling before branching out into bodybuilder competitions. From there Andreas moved to California where he has since been an active competitor, with a long list of wins and finishes including IFBB Mr. International in 1980, and just recently 1st place in NABBA USA National`s 60+ division. Apollo Lifestyle Consultants is proud to serve Andreas in continuing his impressive career.

In his own words:

"If you suffer from a hormonal deficiency or imbalance, then Bio identical hormones and some other hormones as part of a Hormone Replacement Therapy program in combination with exercise and nutrition can strengthen your heart, liver, kidneys and prostate, assist in maintaining a healthy blood pressure, decrease risk of diabetes, decrease risk of depression, improve sexual functioning, improve mental functioning, maintain an efficient metabolism as well as strengthening the bones, even eliminating joint pain. This is good news for people whose hormonal levels has dropped due to age, past lifestyle or from past use of synthetic hormones, thereby setting the stage for countless preventable diseases symptoms to manifest.

The best way to get started with Hormone Replacement Therapy is a doctor consultation, laboratory tests results and an individually composed program based on your specific needs. The hormones should be free of toxic additives, custom made for you and and can be shipped from a Compounding Pharmacy as prescribed by the doctor.

Apollo Lifestyle Consultants has provided me with ongoing professional medical assistance in maintaining my hormone replacement therapy program. If you are looking to feel healthier and stronger I recommend Apollo Lifestyle Consultants for a preliminary online consultation and evaluation to see if you qualify."

- Andreas Cahling
1980 IFBB Pro Mr International
2016 NABBA Nationals 60+